Looking for new ceiling lights to illuminate your home? You’ve got options. And today’s ceiling lights look like works of art. They’re beautiful! 

Whether you need ceiling lights for a new home or want to update your existing space with new ceiling fixtures, you can choose from a variety of stylish lighting solutions.

From lighting that brightens up an entire room to lamps providing a warm glow for a romantic ambience, here are the most popular ceiling lights on the market.

Ceiling Lights

One of the most popular ceiling lights (and definitely the most unique) are hanging lamps. These lighting fixtures reflect a loft-style lamp made from authentic wood with exposed LED bulbs providing a stylish look.

Some hanging lamps come equipped with hanging cables. Others suspend the lamp from decorative chains.

What’s great about hanging lamps: you can adjust them to your preferred height preference. Choose one with three bulbs, four, or five. It depends on the look you’re going for.


If you’re looking for a ceiling fixture with a royal and elegant ambience, consider a chandelier. Long ago, the only people who could buy them lived in castles and palaces.

They also hung in opulent Victorian mansions and luxurious hotels. These lamps certainly make a statement with their hanging crystals that reflect the light around them.

But today, you can purchase chandeliers in a wide variety of styles from modern to vintage to contemporary, and even minimalist designs. This ambient lighting source comes in an array of sizes and looks radiant in any room.

Hang them in your dining room or living room. Or suspend a smaller chandelier from your bedroom or bathroom.

Pendant Lighting

Another popular light for the ceiling is pendant lighting. Pendant lights make a great option to match your home decor. Coordinate their finishes to the other decor elements in the room.

Correlate them with your kitchen and bathroom cabinet hardware, vases, mirror frames, and other design elements in your space.

Some of their finishes include brushed nickel, chrome, golden finishes, antique bronze, and painted finishes in a variety of colours. They come in modern styles and antique-looking styles as well. 

Pendants also come in a variety of sizes. You’ll discover large pendants suspended from dining tables and kitchen islands. They provide good task lighting for preparing foods.

Looking for a light for your bathroom? Hang a smaller pendant light over the bathroom mirror. Just make sure to keep it a safe distance from any water source. 

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is another favourite. The light embeds into your ceiling. This lighting provides a wide range of light levels because it’s on a dimmer.

Turn it up for more light. Or keep it on low for soft lighting while you watch Mrs Biggs or Delicious on Acorn TV. 

Recessed lighting also provides a great light source to hang over a piece of art like a painting or a statue to illuminate the piece. However, they’re usually not used as the main lighting source.

Track Lighting

Track lighting was popular in the 1980s. But it’s come back with a vengeance. Track lights come with small lamps or heads positioned along a track system.

These lights make viewing things convenient in the home or office because you can reposition them. Track lighting makes a great fixture for modern design tastes.

They coordinate well with other modern and contemporary design elements in the room. They contain a stylish design aesthetic and have the appearance of a mini-spotlight.

Highlighting Art with Track Lights

Similar to recessed lighting, track lights showcase art and architectural features in a beautiful way. But better than recessed lighting to display art because track lights can be turned at different angles and recessed lighting can’t.

One would need to move the piece of art beneath the light. Or call in an electrician to install another recessed light in the ceiling.

On the other hand, track lights do an excellent job of making the piece of art the focal point of the room by shining the light in the exact spot needed to highlight it in the most attractive way.

Flush Lights

Flush lighting works well for rooms with low ceilings because, like its name, it’s flush against the ceiling. Unlike pendants and chandeliers that suspend from the ceiling.

Flush lamps take up little room. They’re good for tall chaps that worry about hitting their head on a ceiling fixture. 

Today’s flush lights come in nicer and sleeker designs than they did in the past. Mount them anywhere: in a hallway, the kitchen, a bathroom, a closet, or an attic.

Semi Flush Lamps

Semi-flush lamps provide another option for home or business lighting. They hang from four to five inches from the ceiling.

While they provide a good source of lighting they don’t provide as much light as a flush lamp. The advantage: you can see their decorative styles more than a flush lamp.

It’s easy to change the bulb since they’re lower. But if you want to avoid the frequency of changing the bulb, buy an LED bulb that lasts longer. 

The Most Popular Ceiling Lights for Your Home or Office Revisited

Now you know the most popular ceiling lights you can buy for your home or office.  Whether you need task lighting to cut up veggies or ambient lighting to relax and entertain, you can find a suitable lamp in a stylish design.

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