1. Punctuate Your Coffee Table With Greenery

A great idea to bring more oxygen into your home environment is to decorate with plants. Plants bring nature indoors. They add a homey feel and make us feel relaxed and refreshed like we’re outdoors.

If you own a large wooden coffee table, you can put a few indoor plants on your table. And still have room for your remote and a space to eat and drink.

If your coffee table is equipped with shelves, you’ll have plenty of room beneath, you can place some ferns inside and still have room left over for your favourite coffee table books.

Just make sure to water your plants so they stay fresh and alive for a long time. When they become dry, pull off the dry leaves and you’ll increase your plant’s lifespan.

2. Make Your Table Eclectic 

Interior designers say eclectic is in. What better way to arrange your decor to reflect the new trend than on your coffee table. Eclectic design is cool because anything (within reason) goes that fits.

Place a bright flower bouquet in a glass vase. And add a mélange of books, art objects, and a wooden figurine.

Placing or a souvenir from your travels on your table makes a great idea to remember your journey. The only rule with eclectic decorating is to mix it up to make a true eclectic presentation.

4. Stack It Up

One of the best coffee table presentations is stacking. The art of stacking is for the non-conventional. Is that you?  The way it’s done: stack different objects on top of each other like knickknacks and colourful bottles.

Or boxes and figurines. Make sure they’re not all the same size because that would be boring. They can be balanced in height and weight or out of proportion.

You can stack a painting on top of books or a sculpture on top of a decorative box with a plant or small sculpture next to it. Whichever way you choose to stack is up to you. That’s the fun and freedom of stacking. 

5. Create a Balanced Presentation With Symmetry

There’s always a place on coffee tables for symmetry. Symmetry refers to even balance and even proportions. All items must conform to matched sizes and scale. But you can play with a variety of colour. Balance typically pertains to size.

For styling your coffee table, choose two trays of the same shape and size. Inside, put decorative boxes. The idea of creating a balance is to have two. One will stand on the left. The other on the right-hand side of your coffee table.

Consider placing a plant terrarium of equal size on each tray. Then add a stack of books on each side. The books should appear to be around the same size.

For the final touch, add pillar candles. Either one on each side or two or three. Just make sure what you have on one side is matched on the other for a clean, balanced presentation. 

6. Music Lover’s Coffee Table

We all love music whether we appreciate classical, rock, hip hop, jazz or some other music genre. Are you a music lover? Then you can express your love for music with your musical coffee table presentation. 

Place a small record on your coffee table. Add a musical instrument such as a piano figurine or a saxophone statue or a lighter. You’ll have something nearby to light your candles.

On the corner of your table, place your favourite coffee table books. Put them on a diagonal for a unique look and to converse coffee table space.

7. Make a Mystical Presentation With Zen

One of the best coffee table presentations is to make your coffee table set up reflect your spiritual mindset. One popular decor style: Zen. The Zen lifestyle creates a tranquil space and can provide peace of mind on those stressful days and nights.

Create a meditation space on your coffee table to promote relaxation. Think yoga and meditation. Place a pleasantly scented candle such as one with a eucalyptus fragrance.

Perhaps you prefer lavender or chamomile. Or an aromatherapy oil to relax your mind, body, and spirit while you breathe in the aroma.

To match the mood, add an incense tray with your favourite incense scents. To add to the Zen vibe, place a small statue on your table of a person doing a yoga pose.

Create a Positive Environment

Other items to calm your state of mind may include positive sayings and affirmations. Keep a journal on your coffee table with a favourite pen or pencil.

There, you can reflect on your day and write about the positive people and places you visited that day or week. Writing about unpleasant experiences provides a way to release them.

Of course, you’ll need a fountain because water purifies the soul. Put a few stones nearby with sayings on them. You can buy stones with sayings like “compassion,” gratitude, and “love” to add to the Zen atmosphere.

The Best Coffee Table Presentations You Have to Try

You’ve learned seven of the coffee table presentations to style your table. From nature to your personal interests and a way to relax, you’ve got the decor and ideas for the ideal coffee table environment.

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