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Race Course Floor Sticker


Race Course Sticker was creates for children and their parents. This is a fantastic alternative to traditional toys that occupy a lot of space and their assembly as well as disassembly are time-consuming. The race course guarantees great fun and at the same time does not take up unnecessary space in the child’s room.

This product is unique and one if its kind. Made of a special foil and matte laminate, thanks to which its surface is durable and indelible.


General dimension:

approx. 145×70 cm

The assembly of the sticker is child’s play. All you need to do is to match the individual elements of the road according to the drawing and to arrange trees, cars and houses according to your own fantasy 🙂  Glue is extremely durable and does not affect the surface. After removing the track, just wipe the floor with a wet cloth.

The sticker is suitable for the floor, but it can also be applied on any other smooth surface, such as walls or furniture. Do not wait any longer! Give your child extraordinary fun and cut your cleaning time.

  • resistant to scratch – secured with matt laminate
  • easy application – thicker foil, easier carrying
  • cut out on the contour – they do not have a background and are suitable for every wall colour,
  • the highest quality of foil – with BASF certificate
  • packing agree with zero waste rule
  • sent in biodegradable tubes, resistant to damage,
  • resistant to humidity and UV radiation.

Delivery Time: 10 working days.


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