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Mice Wall Sticker


Pastel family of mice includes five extraordinary and sweet animals – mouse mom, mouse dad, mouse baby, uncle and aunt. Together, they form an amazing team that you can arrange at your own discretion – together or individually.

The mice are specially cut after the contour, which significantly simplifies the application on the selected surface and gives them an extremely realistic look. If you have a cat in the house, be careful not to start hunting;)


General dimension:

3 large mice around 28×15 cm
1 large running mouse approx. 15×39 cm
1 small mouse about 15×15 cm

  • resistant to scratch – secured with matt laminate
  • easy application – thicker foil, easier carrying
  • cut out on the contour – they do not have a background and are suitable for every wall colour,
  • the highest quality of foil – with BASF certificate
  • packing agree with zero waste rule
  • sent in biodegradable tubes, resistant to damage,
  • resistant to humidity and UV radiation.

Delivery Time: 10 working days.

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