Have you been dreaming of giving your home the makeover that it deserves? 

Maybe you’re thumbing through a multitude of design magazines for inspiration. Or, perhaps you’re fawning over a Pinterest board showcasing the best furniture trends of 2020. Whatever it may be, 2020 has been an award-winning year in the furniture design department. 

This year, it’s safe to say that we’re spending a lot of time at home. We’re working at home, we’re educating our children at home, and we’re spending the majority of our free time at home. With all this time spent at home, it’s only natural to focus our attention on creating a healthy and happy space.

If you’re considering redesigning your home, you’re going to want to read this. We’re shining a light on the nine most incredible furniture trends of 2020. 

1. The Wardrobe 

Here in 2020, we’re happy to report that the wardrobe has officially come back into style. 

The wardrobe was first invented in the 14th century. During this time, it was used by nobility and was typically a place to store special garments and precious items. While wardrobes are still used to house clothing and garments, they have undergone a slight change since the 14th century. 

Gone are the boring, purpose-driven wardrobes. Nowadays, wardrobes are all about combing style and functionality. With today’s wardrobes, they’re no longer an eyesore to yourself and your guests. Instead, they provide for a stylish and suitable option for storing your garments. 

2. Pendant Lighting 

In the lighting department, pendant lighting has been dominating the design world. 

This form of light is a simple way to draw the eye upward and to showcase a pop of design. In a minimalist setting, a bold pendant lighting fixture is the perfect way to add a touch of personality and style to any room. 

Thus far, the clear pendant winners of 2020 have incorporated natural elements such as wood as well as sharp lines and the inclusion of Edison bulbs. 

3. Light Oak-Stained Wood  

Let’s face it. Natural wood has always been a fashionable element in the design world. 

It’s organic, it’s elegant, and it has the unique ability to appear both modern and full of character. But, as 2020 continues to fawn over the modern aesthetic, a growing number of designers are favoring a light oak wood colour palette. 

We’re seeing light oak wood present itself anywhere from floorboards and kitchen cupboards to furnishings and cabinetry. 

4. Bold Pops of Geometric Patterns 

There’s no denying that the art of minimalism has been dominating today’s design world. 

However, this doesn’t mean that the most trendy designers have been shying away from patterns altogether. Incorporating patterned furnishings into an otherwise minimalist setting has proven to be incredibly popular here in 2020. 

Of all patterns, the geometric-inspired pattern is continuing to rule them all. This pattern incorporates anything from triangular and hexagonal shapes to circles and rhombuses. 

5. Furnishings with Clean Lines 

Here in 2020, we’re all about those clean lines and touches of simplicity. 

We’re seeing clean lines practiced in anything from beds and couches to desks and console tables. The purpose of incorporating furnishings with clean lines is to achieve an aesthetic that is sleek and doesn’t distract the eye. 

These lines help to create a look that is sharp, elegant, and undeniably modern. 

6. Wicker Furniture 

Ever so popular in the seventies, rattan furniture is officially back in the spotlight! 

As it turns out, rattan has transitioned into one of the most popular design materials of 2020. Perhaps this is because it incorporates the organic and warm texture that so many modern-day design enthusiasts love. 

Nowadays, we’re seeing rattan furniture present itself both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, we’re finding rattan anywhere from pendant lighting to decorative baskets and bed frames. Outdoors, rattan has grown increasingly popular in dining sets and garden planters. 

7. Ultra-Low and Upholstered Beds 

Did you know that humans spend an average of 26 years of their life sleeping?

When we consider just how much time we spend in bed, it’s clear why choosing the right bed is so important. As bed trends come and go, the upholstered bed has been a clear winner here in 2020. 

In addition to favouring ultra-low beds, design enthusiasts have been swooning for beds that incorporate modern textures. In choosing an upholstered bed, it helps to bring the element of texture and warmth into an otherwise simple space. 

In terms of materials, we’re seeing anything from velvet and velour to leather and linen. 

8. Natural and Industrial Materials 

When it comes to both the interior and the exterior of the home, 2020 has been the year of natural and industrial materials. 

With this, many homeowners are opting for furnishings that are comprised of anything from wood and marble to rattan and even cork. It helps to provide for an aesthetic that appears as organic and modern as possible. 

Design enthusiasts are also favouring industrial textures such as concrete, metal, glass, and steel. We’re seeing this present itself in 2020 in the form of flooring, walls, and large-scale window walls. 

9. Pastel Colour Palettes 

In addition to primary colours, 2020 is all about the year of the matte pastel. 

From pastel pink to light and calming grey tones, pastels have been dominating the design world here in 2020. We’re seeing this pop up in anything from kitchen cabinetry to living room consoles and even wall paint. 

While pastels may once have been targeted as feminine, they’re now inching toward a more gender-inclusive style. 

The Best Furniture Trends of 2020 

If you’re looking to nail down the best furniture trends of 2020, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here in 2020, it’s all about practicing minimalism whilst incorporating bold textures and natural materials. With this, we’re seeing a surge in rattan furniture, clean lines, geometric patterns, and pastel colour palettes. In incorporating these items into your design plans, you can look forward to creating a space that is simple yet distinctive and warm. 

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