When renting or buying a smaller place than you’re used to, it is important to maximise your space through your interior design. We’ve outlined 6 simple tips for ensuring maximum space, or at least appearance, no matter the size of your home.

Painting Neutral Colours

Neutral colours in the home are great for giving the appearance of larger rooms. Painting a room white or even cream produces the illusion of a clean, larger space. It’s a tested method; estate agents often use white photographs to sell properties.

Maximising Light

Alongside neutral interiors, maximising natural light is important as it illuminates the interior and can further provide an illusion of a larger interior.

Create Rooms

Especially in an open-floor design, it is helpful to corner off space for specific purposes. Using furniture, including sofas, is excellent for achieving this; placing them in the middle of the room can separate living spaces with an office or dining room.

It is important for continual design throughout the areas using similar tones and themes with slight deviations. This differentiates the rooms whilst continuing to give the appearance of a large space.

Functional Storage

One of the main reasons you want to maximise your interior is the lack of space you’re experiencing. Opting for furniture with functional storage is an excellent way for reducing multiple pieces of bulk storage whilst still getting the design and function you want. A great way to achieve this is tall bookshelves; not only will these store books but can also hold baskets, trinkets, photos and plants.

When you paint with a neutral theme, hanging wall decor is a great way to bring colour and the room’s overall theme together. Neutral paints can highlight both monochrome images or bold feature pictures.

It can be a slippery slope from designing a home with the intention of maximising space to becoming overly cluttered and the reverse effect happening; it becomes smaller and cramped. Our top advice to stop this from happening is to plan your interior and stick to the design; if you do stumble across pieces, it’s okay to incorporate them, providing they help in maximising the rooms.