If you’re like most people, then you’re looking for any excuse not to get out of the house during a weekend or weeknight. The only problem is that when your home lacks expression, you’ll find any excuse to escape the bland layout of your property.

The secret is in the home decor. If you cater your decor to your ideal home style, then you’ll never want to leave your perfect paradise. Using some trendy home decor can help you capture that.

See below for an in-depth guide on home decor must-haves that will make you never want to leave the house.

1. Mix up Your Pillows

Who said that your couch pillows and bed pillows all have to match the colour of the object they’re set atop of? One of the trendiest things in all of the home decor right now is to combine different aesthetics for all of your pillows.

For example, if you have grey furniture in your living room and are going for neutral colours only, then you can shop for white, black, and grey pillows to use.

Not only are the colours allowed to be different, but you should try to shop for different patterns to incorporate as well. Using the same example, finding white pillows with grey polka dots or grey pillows with black lines will make your space look more spontaneous.

It shows everyone that steps into the room that you’re up for whatever the night calls for. Your living room can be a place to watch the big sports game, throw a party, or cuddle up to watch a rom-com.

2. Choose a New Coffee Table

Unless you’ve been given a coffee table that’s reached “family heirloom” status or was hand-made for you by a loved one, they can always be replaced. In fact, switching up your coffee table can create an entirely new vibe for the living room.

If you’re looking for more places to set things in your living room, then you might consider a black marble side table that pairs nicely with the centre coffee table.

For those of you looking to switch things up from the typical wooden coffee table, consider shopping around for a geometric gold-plated coffee table for a modern look.

Many experts encourage homeowners to view their coffee table as the “centrepiece of the floor layout”. This means that the coffee table you choose has a direct correlation to the feel of the entire room.

Think through what vibe you’re hoping for your living room, then find a coffee table design that matches those same principals.  You can find the 7 best coffee table presentations you have to try here. 

3. Capitalise on Wall Space

Some of you enjoy using the walls of your home to flood them with pictures, paintings, macrame, and so forth. Others of you want to leave them as blank as possible to avoid overcrowding the room with details.

Truth be told, there’s a balance that needs to be struck between the two. The key is to distribute wall objects of different sizes to maximise the space without overcrowding it.

For example, if you use the same 8 x 10 picture frame for every photo you hang on your bedroom walls, it will look too uniform and bland. Try mixing things up to create a more exciting aesthetic.

Consider switching up the items as well. For instance, you can hang a rug on your kitchen wall near the dining table to cover blank wall space. Then, you can distribute smaller photos throughout the walls of your kitchen to capture the precious moments.

You might also consider creating an accent wall in your living room and filling it with photos and portraits, leaving the other walls completely void.

4. Find a Unique Armchair

Most of you reading this are looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. You might be sick of looking at the uniformity of your home’s colour scheme and want to find a way to break away from it.

Perhaps you have a corner of your living room or bedroom that looks like it’s missing something. If so, then you should consider finding a unique armchair to fill the space.

Every room needs a rebellious piece of furniture. Perhaps it can be used as a reading chair near your bookshelf. Maybe it will serve as the “throne” of your living room.

Don’t be afraid to break away from the normalcy. Search through different armchair designs to find the one that you desire.

5. Find Trendy Floor Lamps

Maybe you’re wanting to stay on-theme with your colour scheme but want a very subtle way of adding some flair to the home.

home decor

If so, then you might consider finding a few different floor lamps that you can incorporate into your property. You could mix it up on the lamp design from room to room or choose one type of floor lamp for each room in the house to create uniformity.

A unique floor lamp can also establish separation in your house. For example, you could set one in the corner of your office to establish a reading corner.

Find Your Own Mix of Home Decor

Now that you’ve seen a few pointers to get yourself started, you must mix in your own flair and flavour into the home decor you add to your home.

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