At the end of a busy day, all we want is to come home to a comfortable, calming environment. While aesthetically pleasing, relaxing bedrooms look great, they can also help us feel happier. Research shows that relaxation is one of the main contributors to mental health. If you’re looking to create both a relaxing and beautiful space, these tips can help you choose the right aesthetic bedroom decor.

With so many aesthetics and options for furniture out there, it can be overwhelming to start your design process. Have no fear. For trendy design tips and room inspiration, keep on reading. 

Start With a Mood Board

With so much inspiration for bedroom design out there, you may be wondering, “What is my aesthetic?” One of the best ways to pinpoint your style is by creating a mood board. 

Mood boards help us visualize our taste and design preferences. While you may have an idea in your head, laying it out on paper will help with your decorating process. 

Start by choosing a colour scheme that you think best suits your space. You may want warm colours, cool colours, or a bit of both. Colour can affect our mood, feelings, and emotions, so it should be a main component in your mood board. 

Once you’ve narrowed down your colour scheme, choose a design style that fits your personality. You may enjoy a vintage vibe, modern style, or minimalist aesthetic. Place photos of inspiration on your mood board to determine a theme. 

Now that you’ve got your colours and design style, choosing trendy furniture will be much easier. Ready to start decorating? Here are some popular, beautiful aesthetics for your bedroom. 

Classic Bedroom Style

For a mature, calming bedroom, you may have chosen a classic design style. With classic bedrooms, colours are often cool-toned and furniture is sleek.

If you’re looking to create a classy space, decorate with symmetrical, slim furniture. Our Zola TV Cabinet may be a perfect addition for a classic bedroom, as its lines are sleek and simple. With this bedroom cabinet, you can place a tv on top while storing books, movies, or miscellaneous items underneath. 

Another tip for a classic aesthetic is to decorate with an elegant chandelier or lighting fixture. As classic bedrooms are often cool-toned and dim, chandelier style lighting can add a unique ambience. 

For wall decor, we recommend hanging neutral-toned or greyscale photos and artwork. A classic bedroom provides a welcoming, soothing vibe for those looking to add a touch of maturity into their home. 

Bohemian Bedroom Style

Bohemian style design pulls inspiration from various cultures and regions. Those who choose a bohemian style bedroom likely enjoy a relaxed, carefree, unique space. With many colour and texture options, bohemian aesthetics offer endless possibilities. 

One way to add a major bohemian vibe in one simple step is to hang a tapestry. Many hanging tapestries come in vibrant colour schemes and unique patterns. While many choose to hang a tapestry on their wall, draping it from the ceiling can add depth to your space. 

Another bohemian piece of decor is string lights. String lights come in many different choices, like fairy lights, salt-rock lights, and lantern lights. By hanging these twinkly additions above your bed, you can create a relaxing, calming vibe. 

While many bohemian colour schemes include warm tones like orange, yellow, and pink, our Baba2 Wardrobe may be a great addition to your space. With orange, red, tan, and yellow, the colour scheme and wood finish make for a perfect bohemian decor piece.

Shabby Chic Bedroom Style 

If you enjoy vintage design and decor, you might choose to decorate your bedroom with a shabby chic style. The shabby chic style has elements of vintage design with a cosy, refined twist. 

Most shabby chic bedrooms have a bright, yet neutral colour scheme. Consider decorating with colours like pale yellow, tan, light green, and creme. This allows your bedroom to feel light and airy while also maintaining a vintage, rustic look. 

One way to create a shabby chic feel is to use wallpaper. For your bedroom wallpaper, choose a light-coloured, subtle pattern like a neutral-toned floral print. This wallpaper style won’t distract from the other elements of the room and can emphasize a shabby chic aesthetic. 

For lighting, consider hanging a lamp from the ceiling. Our Marlo Plus Lamp is rustic, yet trendy, and is a perfect addition to a shabby chic bedroom. 

Minimalistic Bedroom Style

Minimalism in interior design refers to emphasizing functional, clean, basic furniture. Many minimalist bedrooms stick to a colour scheme of either two or three choices. With this bedroom aesthetic, emphasize your space rather than your tangible items.

For a minimalistic bedroom style, prioritize clean lines and simple decor. With a lack of clutter and maximized room for space, minimalistic bedrooms are relaxing and calming. When shopping for minimalist aesthetic bedroom decor, choose slender, solid-coloured pieces.

Our Runo2 Desk is a perfect piece for a minimalist’s bedroom. Not only are the colours clean, but the design is sleek and simple. Remember that even with minimalist furniture, there can still be ample room for storage. 

While a minimalist room is a stripped-down space, it doesn’t have to be boring. Consider adding one statement piece in a minimalist room to emphasize an interesting focal point. By adding a solid-coloured, bright area rug, this may be one way to accessorize a simple space. 

Another way to remain simple while adding interest to a space is by embracing texture. With textured furniture, you can add depth and variation to a minimal aesthetic. Consider incorporating different wood finishes and metals in your decor. 

Find Your Aesthetic Bedroom Decor Today

Now that you have inspiration and advice to achieve your dream bedroom, what are you waiting for? Shop for your aesthetic bedroom decor today and create the relaxing, beautiful bedroom you deserve. 

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