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With the end of lockdown on the horizon, get your home ready to impress guests with fantastic interior designs. We’ve all been in the same situation during lockdown and grown tired of the same interior designs. Here, we’ve listed the 7 top upcoming designs for some inspiration in your own home.

Luxury Cottagecore

Cottage styles have been on trend for quite some time; however, in 2021, it is expected for cottagecore to deviate slightly into a luxury feel. People draw to cottage styled interiors because of the comforting feeling it produces, although, over the last year, people have been getting bored of this style and are looking for something new.

There is no need for a complete overhaul of the design. Instead, incorporate modern luxury and abstract pieces, including wall décor and lighting, to modernise the look to the traditional wooden cottagecore style.

Traditional furniture arrangement

It’s undeniable that it has been a long year of isolating from friends and family; in 2021, we’re expecting to see rooms arranged in a more traditional format centred around a common focal point for conversation.

In the past, many homes have focused their design around the TV. However, this year we’re expecting many to be facing their sofas separated by coffee tables with TV stands in separate locations. A traditional format, this approach is fixated around symmetry but can quickly be modernised through using modern sofa design, coffee tables and abstract wall décor.

Snug Spaces

Everyone needs their own space to unwind and settle down either after a long day at work, relaxing at the weekends or just for some time to think. We’re seeing a rise this year of people investing in snug spaces for their home, for that relaxation time which they so desperately crave.

Contrary to belief, this doesn’t just for people with large homes to benefit from, and your snug space can be created in several rooms around the house, including bedrooms, homemade offices for lockdown or even the kitchen.

The great thing about these rooms is that they can be decorated with your style and preferences and what you need to relax, whether it be neat and tidy with cushions, blankets and a book or artistic with sketchbooks and pictures.


This isn’t necessarily a new trend for 2021, but it is one of our favourites. With social platforms including Instagram and Pinterest flooded with images of houseplants in different forms styled around the house, indoor plants can be vibrant, calming and decorative throughout the home.

However, in 2021 we’re expecting houseplants to be incorporated into furniture design more seamlessly, with hanging plants and pots aligned with your interior design.

Relaxing Bathrooms

At times, we all feel stressed and designing your bathroom with a calming atmosphere can dramatically improve your mood and provide that much-needed relaxation. Adding soft bathmats, candles, and calming coloured furnishing paints such as creams and blues influences the bathroom’s mood, ensuring a tranquil environment for baths and homemade spas.

Integrated Storage

As with the houseplants, we’re expecting internal storage to be better integrated with designs. Pieces such as bookshelves, coffee tables and TV stands will need to function with more than their primary use and help minimalise trinkets around the room and provide a seamless and continuing design throughout the home.

In having storage like this, you can flow aspects such as colour, houseplants, books, and trinkets equally throughout the room, bypassing feature pieces and having a holistic interior design.

Statement vases

Vases can function a lot more than just for plants and flowers; they can also add to a room’s aesthetic design. Whether opting to choose for a subtle or abstract design and pattern, vases can either function as a feature piece using bold colours as contrasts or matching tones to the room to accentuate flowers or plants.

Alongside statement vase patterns, ceramic vases are equally on the rise with deviating away from traditional glass or crystal ones. This is primarily due to the rise in natural tones in interior colours we expect coming up this year.

For more tips on interior design and trending furniture for 2021, visit our frequently updated blog. Using our recent article on what are popular 2021 interior colours’, redesign your home this year with trending designs to ensure its design is on-trend this year.

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Last year, we all spent an unplanned, hideous amount of time at home staring at the same walls and décor. If you’re like us, you’re itching to repaint (and maybe even redecorate!) for a little change of scenery at home. Redecorate your home in true style, starting with some inspiration of colours soon to sweep the scene of 2021.

In 2020, we saw 7 top interior colours:

  • Champagne
  • Navy Blue
  • Golden Yellow
  • Olive Green
  • Dark Red
  • Charcoal
  • Mango

Moving into 2021, we’re predicting that there will only be slight shifts to these trends. Whilst we’ve grown slightly tired of the same interiors this year, we’ve been gaining inspiration from social platforms and had more time to plan our interiors than usual.

A timeless colour for any home, neutral colours including Creams, Whites and Champagne will continue to soar for interior décor. With the brilliant ability to manipulate space, neutral colours make rooms look larger and cosy. It is also a great way to get artwork onto your walls whether they be abstract in colour or similarly neutral.

With neutral walls always being a high trend, this year we’re expecting the colour to be transitioning more into flooring, carpets and curtains.

grey interior colour schemeOver the last few years, we’ve seen grey becoming a large staple in the home with small additions and trinkets being introduced. This year, we’re expecting this trend to increase, with grey walls, kitchens and sofas trending in both light and dark shades.

A very contemporary colour, the different shades mean walls and furniture can either be a strong and bold feature piece or a subtle addition to highlight your chosen feature. Working in tandem with a range of colour including blues, yellows, neutrals and black across a range of hues.

yellow interior colour schemeEarlier this year, Pantone announced their colours of the year, grey and yellow. Their idea of the combination is to display messages of strength and hope, and the combination works great!

Now we’re coming out of winter we’re expecting to see a lot more of this combination, mainly yellow furniture, acting as bold feature pieces with blacks, greys, and tans highlighting them.

blue interior colour schemeAcross the spectrum, blue is a calming and soothing colour and this year we’re expecting to see great combinations of blues and neutrals in the home. Studies into colour have shown it to positively affect your health, including calming your mind and reducing anxiety.

Blues and whites are very much a seaside colour and can brighten up your interiors, so we’re expecting to see this year more and more rooms taking on this combination, including kitchens and bathrooms.

Greens have often been slightly controversial for interiors, especially bright greens. This year, however, we’re going to be seeing people gravitate towards earthy and familiar greens that provide comfort and familiarity.

These green hues go perfectly with deep navy blues and chocolate forest browns to create familiar and natural surroundings. A great way to compliment these colours is the introduction of fresh or artificial flowers.

Natural Colours

This year, we’re expecting to see people using a lot more natural colours in their home, especially for wooden flooring and tables for interior design. While in the last few years we have seen more contemporary styled tables, this year we’re predicting a rise in natural woods and tones for flooring and other wooden features.

Overall, this year’s colour themes and interiors will focus on familiarity and soothing tones, with people spending more time in their homes, interiors need to be calming and relaxing. Sharp and vibrant tones such as yellow, will act as feature pieces.

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