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Modern interiors have reigned supreme on the glossy pages of magazines and curated social media feeds. Sleek lines, clean designs, and interesting features all draw people to the modern aesthetic.While these rooms look designer, achieving the style is much easier than you think. Modern furniture can fit into any home because the modern aesthetic blends well with other styles. Combine any style with modern to create a unique look for your space. Here are some modern furniture ideas that will freshen up your space.

Something Colourful

One of the misconceptions about the modern aesthetic is that it uses no colour. White interiors with accents of grey and black are not the only way to express a modern design. In recent years, adding colour along with the clean, modern look is trending. Everything from pops of colours to rooms full of hues can still boast a modern aesthetic. You can add colour with little touches throughout the rooms like in art, area rugs, or an accent piece of furniture. Or go bold with colour in every piece. To choose colourful modern furniture, pick out pieces with clean lines and interesting shapes. Then choose the colour in your desired pallet. Lush jewel tones and muted earth-inspired colours are trendy ways to incorporate colour into your space.

Metallic Pieces

Metallic accents go well in all modern designs. Not only do they add some colour, but they also provide an interesting texture that breaks up matte colours. Treat metallic pieces like accents that add a pop to the room. You can incorporate metallics in a variety of ways. Smaller accents little decorative objects and hardware that will stand out in a subtle way. Or you can go bold with large metallic accents like mirrors, coffee tables, and lighting. Metallics are a great way to add interest and personality. Complement your colour palettes with silvers, golds, rose quartz, and coppers.

Stylish Storage

Cabinets, chests, and credenzas; whatever you call them, you should incorporate stylish storage options into your space. Storage is important because not only does it add a unique design feature, but it keeps the rest of your room looking spotless. Use the storage another way to bring out your modern design plan. Keep the clutter out of sight and the rest of the room looking show worthy. The top surface of your storage is a great place to display accents, table lamps, and decorative objects. Storage is important in every room of your home. So feature a stylish storage piece everywhere you can.

Cosy Accents

These accents are what makes a home feel lived in. They’re the difference between a showroom and an actual home. Cosy accents are pillows, blankets, and area rugs add texture and personality to the room. In a living room, you’ll want to add cushions and pillows and throw blankets to make the space feel warm and inviting. Decorating your sofa with these accents not only add a design detail but also keeps them close when you want to cuddle. You definitely want your bedroom to feel cosy so winding down from your day is easier. Think lush bedding like cotton sheets, soft wool blankets, and an abundance of pillows. To keep the modern aesthetic, try playing with trendy colours and interesting shapes.

Bold Sofa

One of the most popular design details in recent years is bold sofas in vibrant pops of colour. Lush greens, jewel-tone blues, and pale pinks are three colours that have reigned supreme in many lounges. The best way to get the most out of these bold colours is to allow it to stand out and be the focal point of the room. These coloured sofas shine best when they’re the brightest item in the room. This means making everything else a little more toned down. Bold sofas are fun and a great way to bring colour into a modern design. Just be sure to stick to an overall colour scheme, so the sofa doesn’t feel out of place.

Mood Lighting

Lighting is never something you should overlook or leave to the last minute. It is just as important as the rest of the design as it can set the mood of the space. What’s the point of having a low key romantic night if your lighting doesn’t convey that? In order to portray different moods, you should have a couple of options for lighting in the room. A good place to start is having a table lamp, a floor lamp, and an overhead light. This allows you to mix and match, creating the perfect lighting for your space. Chandeliers and lamps are another great way to bring modern style into the room. For a modern look, find designs with clean lines, different angles, and interesting shades.

Statement Legs

It may not be something you focus on for long, but choosing a coffee table with statement legs can make a big difference in the room. If you like to mix the modern aesthetic with other styles, a coffee table is a great place to feature that combination. You can go modern and nature-inspired by bringing in natural wood tones. Or modern with a bit of glam by utilizing metallics. Or go classic modern with simple, chic lines. Finding the right coffee table can be a challenge because it should complement the other furniture in the room. But just because it’s meant to be an accent, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have design features that make it stand out.

Modern Furniture You’ll Love

Your home can look like the magazines by choosing a few modern pieces to freshen up your space. Implement these design ideas when choosing modern furniture, and you’ll see a near-instant transformation. By choosing a few key pieces, your home will look professionally designed. And because modern furniture can complement any style, your space will look personalized. Give your home the makeover it deserves with new modern furniture. Ready for your own home transformation? We’ll help you find the trending furniture that’s perfect for your space.  

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The season of apples, and leaves, and cozy sweaters is upon us. With fall right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about fall decorations and aesthetics that will make your autumn home a cozy sanctuary.

Don’t know where to start? Read on to learn about ten great furniture themes to embrace fall this season.

1. Farmhouse-Style Fall 

If you’re into the rustic theme, cozy up your house with a farmhouse-style theme. An easy way to embrace the fall farmhouse look is to get to work on your front porch.

If you don’t have one already, consider investing in a rustic-style rocking chair, add some throw pillows, and a cozy throw. 

All you’ll need are some pumpkins and mums, and your fall porch will be ready for many cozy chats and rocks. 

2. Mid-Century Autumn Home

Do you love the mid-century furniture vibe? If you’re struggling with how to make your house autumn-ready while staying on theme, there are lots of great options for mid-century fall. 

Add warm colours, soft fabrics, and easy accents that embrace fall. 

There’s also the option of adding vintage Halloween pictures into some of your mid-century frames for a little extra spookiness. 

3. Boho Fall Decorating Ideas

A perfect way to incorporate fall into your home is by adding warm colours to your furniture. The top 2020 autumn colours are red tones, golden hues, olive green, and even blues. 

One of the quintessential boho styles is to add ottomans and pouffes to make your home one that makes people feel comfortable to lounge. Incorporate a new piece that has a rich golden tone, or an olive green. 

Add throw pillows in those tones to your already existing furnishings. With a boho decorating theme, the more pillows the better. Throw in a few fall scented candles, and your cozy, boho house is ready for the leaves to change. 

4. Autumn Cottage Theme

Cottages are already cozy spaces, just add the newly changing leaves, and your country cottage will be your ultimate sanctuary this season.

Fall is a time when the beauty of nature abounds, so consider bringing nature into your autumn cottage decor. Display autumn produce like squash and gourds. You could also bring in Indian corn, apples, pears, or colourful leaves. 

5. City Chic Fall Theme

Are you looking to spice up your chic city apartment with some seasonal decor this fall? Most tiny apartments don’t have a front porch, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the seasonal spirit.

Create the ultimate fall centrepiece. No matter how small your apartment is, there should be a space on a table or a mantelpiece where you can create a gorgeous fall centrepiece. 

When it comes to the centrepieces, think outside the box, and move beyond just flowers. You could include local fruits or vegetation, in addition to the flowers. Include all the colours of autumn. 

The great thing about making a centrepiece with things other than just flowers is it will last longer, bringing the joys of fall to your dining table, entryway, or mantelpiece for weeks. 

6. Trendy Blue Fall Theme

Hues of blue are on-trend in 2020. Furniture, accessories, wall colours, you name it, blue hues are making their debut.

If you’re looking to add some trendy hues of blue into your fall theme this year, read on for some fall decorating ideas.

  • Pumpkins in shades of blue and green look fabulous if you want to move beyond the traditional orange pumpkins. A couple of pumpkins with a natural hue of blue include the Blue Lakota and the Blue Max pumpkin. 
  • Decorate your door with a gorgeous blue fall hydrangea wreath. 

7. Minimalist Autumn Home

In today’s world, less is more. People are embracing more simplistic design and with it the trend of clutter-free, mid-century style.

How do you achieve that cozy, autumn-feel in your home without adding clutter? Believe it or not, it makes a huge difference to just switch out one thing.

For example, if you don’t want to create a whole new fall mantelpiece or shelf, don’t take everything off your shelf. Only replace one item. For instance, switch out spring and summer greenery with one simple pumpkin. If florals aren’t your thing, keep all your couch cushions, and replace one throw pillow with a fall colour or design.

8. Bold and Beautiful Fall Colours

Fall is all about colour, and it’s the key to having a gorgeous autumn home. If you’re looking to be bold, embrace brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows as your colour-palette.

Adding a bold, red accent will make a neutral room pop. Red throw pillows, table cloths, or napkins can all make an impact. If you’re looking to add more natural decor, add apples in a large bowl, or a vase with branches and berries.

You can’t go wrong with a pop of spectacular fall red.

9. Fall Florals Galore

If you don’t want to add any new furnishings or accessories, you can always add to your fall space by incorporating all the best seasonal flowers

September is the perfect time for roses to grace your fall floral arrangements. In October it’s the time for dahlias and ridolfia segetum, which go lovely together. 

Sometimes, festive florals are the only decor you need. 

10. Spooky Fall Theme

Let’s face it, one of the most fun parts about the fall season is the fun and spooky nature of Halloween, or All Hallows Eve. 

If your home has mid-century furniture or classic furnishings, spooky fits easily in. Add a skull, or a large goblet, even some fake spiderwebs, and you’re ready to set the spooky mood for a fun-filled Halloween time. 

Start Decorating for Autumn Today

Are you feeling inspired to get to work on the ultimate autumn home? If you’re looking for new furnishings to achieve your vision, check out our online furniture store

Happy Autumn!

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Who doesn’t love coffee tables? They’re functional and provide the perfect spot for lying things down whether we’re reading a good book, binging on Netflix, cuddling with our significant other, or drinking a cup of coffee or tea.

The great thing about coffee tables: there are so many different ways to style them. The choices can be overwhelming.

In this article, you’ll learn the seven best coffee table presentations for the ultimate table decor styling. Without further ado, here are the coffee table presentations you need to know.

1. Punctuate Your Coffee Table With Greenery

A great idea to bring more oxygen into your home environment is to decorate with plants. Plants bring nature indoors. They add a homey feel and make us feel relaxed and refreshed like we’re outdoors.

If you own a large wooden coffee table, you can put a few indoor plants on your table. And still have room for your remote and a space to eat and drink.

If your coffee table is equipped with shelves, you’ll have plenty of room beneath, you can place some ferns inside and still have room left over for your favourite coffee table books.

Just make sure to water your plants so they stay fresh and alive for a long time. When they become dry, pull off the dry leaves and you’ll increase your plant’s lifespan.

2. Make Your Table Eclectic 

Interior designers say eclectic is in. What better way to arrange your decor to reflect the new trend than on your coffee table. Eclectic design is cool because anything (within reason) goes that fits.

Place a bright flower bouquet in a glass vase. And add a mélange of books, art objects, and a wooden figurine.

Placing or a souvenir from your travels on your table makes a great idea to remember your journey. The only rule with eclectic decorating is to mix it up to make a true eclectic presentation.

4. Stack It Up

One of the best coffee table presentations is stacking. The art of stacking is for the non-conventional. Is that you?  The way it’s done: stack different objects on top of each other like knickknacks and colourful bottles.

Or boxes and figurines. Make sure they’re not all the same size because that would be boring. They can be balanced in height and weight or out of proportion.

You can stack a painting on top of books or a sculpture on top of a decorative box with a plant or small sculpture next to it. Whichever way you choose to stack is up to you. That’s the fun and freedom of stacking. 

5. Create a Balanced Presentation With Symmetry

There’s always a place on coffee tables for symmetry. Symmetry refers to even balance and even proportions. All items must conform to matched sizes and scale. But you can play with a variety of colour. Balance typically pertains to size.

For styling your coffee table, choose two trays of the same shape and size. Inside, put decorative boxes. The idea of creating a balance is to have two. One will stand on the left. The other on the right-hand side of your coffee table.

Consider placing a plant terrarium of equal size on each tray. Then add a stack of books on each side. The books should appear to be around the same size.

For the final touch, add pillar candles. Either one on each side or two or three. Just make sure what you have on one side is matched on the other for a clean, balanced presentation. 

6. Music Lover’s Coffee Table

We all love music whether we appreciate classical, rock, hip hop, jazz or some other music genre. Are you a music lover? Then you can express your love for music with your musical coffee table presentation. 

Place a small record on your coffee table. Add a musical instrument such as a piano figurine or a saxophone statue or a lighter. You’ll have something nearby to light your candles.

On the corner of your table, place your favourite coffee table books. Put them on a diagonal for a unique look and to converse coffee table space.

7. Make a Mystical Presentation With Zen

One of the best coffee table presentations is to make your coffee table set up reflect your spiritual mindset. One popular decor style: Zen. The Zen lifestyle creates a tranquil space and can provide peace of mind on those stressful days and nights.

Create a meditation space on your coffee table to promote relaxation. Think yoga and meditation. Place a pleasantly scented candle such as one with a eucalyptus fragrance.

Perhaps you prefer lavender or chamomile. Or an aromatherapy oil to relax your mind, body, and spirit while you breathe in the aroma.

To match the mood, add an incense tray with your favourite incense scents. To add to the Zen vibe, place a small statue on your table of a person doing a yoga pose.

Create a Positive Environment

Other items to calm your state of mind may include positive sayings and affirmations. Keep a journal on your coffee table with a favourite pen or pencil.

There, you can reflect on your day and write about the positive people and places you visited that day or week. Writing about unpleasant experiences provides a way to release them.

Of course, you’ll need a fountain because water purifies the soul. Put a few stones nearby with sayings on them. You can buy stones with sayings like “compassion,” gratitude, and “love” to add to the Zen atmosphere.

The Best Coffee Table Presentations You Have to Try

You’ve learned seven of the coffee table presentations to style your table. From nature to your personal interests and a way to relax, you’ve got the decor and ideas for the ideal coffee table environment.

Are you looking for the perfect coffee table to set up your presentation? We’ve got a great selection of sleek options with the ideal side tables to match.

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Have you been dreaming of giving your home the makeover that it deserves? 

Maybe you’re thumbing through a multitude of design magazines for inspiration. Or, perhaps you’re fawning over a Pinterest board showcasing the best furniture trends of 2020. Whatever it may be, 2020 has been an award-winning year in the furniture design department. 

This year, it’s safe to say that we’re spending a lot of time at home. We’re working at home, we’re educating our children at home, and we’re spending the majority of our free time at home. With all this time spent at home, it’s only natural to focus our attention on creating a healthy and happy space.

If you’re considering redesigning your home, you’re going to want to read this. We’re shining a light on the nine most incredible furniture trends of 2020. 

1. The Wardrobe 

Here in 2020, we’re happy to report that the wardrobe has officially come back into style. 

The wardrobe was first invented in the 14th century. During this time, it was used by nobility and was typically a place to store special garments and precious items. While wardrobes are still used to house clothing and garments, they have undergone a slight change since the 14th century. 

Gone are the boring, purpose-driven wardrobes. Nowadays, wardrobes are all about combing style and functionality. With today’s wardrobes, they’re no longer an eyesore to yourself and your guests. Instead, they provide for a stylish and suitable option for storing your garments. 

2. Pendant Lighting 

In the lighting department, pendant lighting has been dominating the design world. 

This form of light is a simple way to draw the eye upward and to showcase a pop of design. In a minimalist setting, a bold pendant lighting fixture is the perfect way to add a touch of personality and style to any room. 

Thus far, the clear pendant winners of 2020 have incorporated natural elements such as wood as well as sharp lines and the inclusion of Edison bulbs. 

3. Light Oak-Stained Wood  

Let’s face it. Natural wood has always been a fashionable element in the design world. 

It’s organic, it’s elegant, and it has the unique ability to appear both modern and full of character. But, as 2020 continues to fawn over the modern aesthetic, a growing number of designers are favoring a light oak wood colour palette. 

We’re seeing light oak wood present itself anywhere from floorboards and kitchen cupboards to furnishings and cabinetry. 

4. Bold Pops of Geometric Patterns 

There’s no denying that the art of minimalism has been dominating today’s design world. 

However, this doesn’t mean that the most trendy designers have been shying away from patterns altogether. Incorporating patterned furnishings into an otherwise minimalist setting has proven to be incredibly popular here in 2020. 

Of all patterns, the geometric-inspired pattern is continuing to rule them all. This pattern incorporates anything from triangular and hexagonal shapes to circles and rhombuses. 

5. Furnishings with Clean Lines 

Here in 2020, we’re all about those clean lines and touches of simplicity. 

We’re seeing clean lines practiced in anything from beds and couches to desks and console tables. The purpose of incorporating furnishings with clean lines is to achieve an aesthetic that is sleek and doesn’t distract the eye. 

These lines help to create a look that is sharp, elegant, and undeniably modern. 

6. Wicker Furniture 

Ever so popular in the seventies, rattan furniture is officially back in the spotlight! 

As it turns out, rattan has transitioned into one of the most popular design materials of 2020. Perhaps this is because it incorporates the organic and warm texture that so many modern-day design enthusiasts love. 

Nowadays, we’re seeing rattan furniture present itself both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, we’re finding rattan anywhere from pendant lighting to decorative baskets and bed frames. Outdoors, rattan has grown increasingly popular in dining sets and garden planters. 

7. Ultra-Low and Upholstered Beds 

Did you know that humans spend an average of 26 years of their life sleeping?

When we consider just how much time we spend in bed, it’s clear why choosing the right bed is so important. As bed trends come and go, the upholstered bed has been a clear winner here in 2020. 

In addition to favouring ultra-low beds, design enthusiasts have been swooning for beds that incorporate modern textures. In choosing an upholstered bed, it helps to bring the element of texture and warmth into an otherwise simple space. 

In terms of materials, we’re seeing anything from velvet and velour to leather and linen. 

8. Natural and Industrial Materials 

When it comes to both the interior and the exterior of the home, 2020 has been the year of natural and industrial materials. 

With this, many homeowners are opting for furnishings that are comprised of anything from wood and marble to rattan and even cork. It helps to provide for an aesthetic that appears as organic and modern as possible. 

Design enthusiasts are also favouring industrial textures such as concrete, metal, glass, and steel. We’re seeing this present itself in 2020 in the form of flooring, walls, and large-scale window walls. 

9. Pastel Colour Palettes 

In addition to primary colours, 2020 is all about the year of the matte pastel. 

From pastel pink to light and calming grey tones, pastels have been dominating the design world here in 2020. We’re seeing this pop up in anything from kitchen cabinetry to living room consoles and even wall paint. 

While pastels may once have been targeted as feminine, they’re now inching toward a more gender-inclusive style. 

The Best Furniture Trends of 2020 

If you’re looking to nail down the best furniture trends of 2020, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here in 2020, it’s all about practicing minimalism whilst incorporating bold textures and natural materials. With this, we’re seeing a surge in rattan furniture, clean lines, geometric patterns, and pastel colour palettes. In incorporating these items into your design plans, you can look forward to creating a space that is simple yet distinctive and warm. 

Are you ready to get inspired? If so, be sure to visit our website and browse today’s most coveted modern furnishings

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Are you looking to create a modernist home but have no idea where to start? 

From a design perspective, it’s easy to fall in love with today’s most stunning modernist homes. In incorporating smooth lines and minimal furnishings, modernist homes tend to look peaceful and fashion-forward. 

So, how can you strive toward a modernist design within your own home? 

It’s all about understanding what a modernist home truly is and how you can incorporate modern design principals into your life. To help, we’re sharing six tips on how to create a more modernist home. 

1. Create an Open Floor Plan 

One of the most singular defining aspects of a modern home is a simple and open floorplan. 

Let’s consider the fact that modern design is all about creating balance within the home. With an open floor plan, the goal is for each section of the home to smoothly transition to the next.

Not only does this create a balanced aesthetic, but it also helps to foster a more simple floorplan. Remember, the art of modernism is all about practicing and enhancing simplicity. 

2. Embrace Pops of Primary Colours 

One of the most significant mistakes that homeowners make in creating a modern aesthetic is failing to introduce colour. 

Of course, many modernists opt for neutral colour palettes to create a balanced and simple aesthetic throughout the home. While this does serve a purpose, it’s also important to introduce bold pops of colour throughout the home. 

For some, this may be creating an accent wall in a bold and bright shade of orange. For others, this may come in the form of hanging art that incorporates a series of primary colours. You can also opt for furnishings that combine a neutral colour scheme with bold pops of colour

However you may choose to do it, bold pops of colour within a primarily neutral home will always help to achieve that desired modern aesthetic. 

3. Free Yourself from Clutter 

What’s a modern home that is entangled in clutter? 

If you’re serious about creating a modern home, you’re going to have to eliminate all clutter and excess furnishings from your home. This is because creating a modern home is all about embracing the “less is more” attitude in life.

In freeing your home of clutter, you’re also doing your mental health a significant favour. It’s understandable that a cluttered home can lead to a cluttered mind. But, research has found that a cluttered home can actually increase cognitive overload. As a result, functions such as our working memory and our ability to focus are minimized. 

When you commit to a clutter-free lifestyle, you’re going to realize that having more stuff doesn’t make you happier. Instead, the furnishings that you choose to invest your money in will serve a greater purpose. 

In modern design, everything that is placed within the home will serve a function. While some elements of the home will serve a simple aesthetic purpose, the majority of items within a modern home are functional. 

To help minimize your clutter, be sure to invest in pleasing storage solutions and built-ins. This will help to ensure that you have everything you need in the home. However, these items will be hidden from the naked eye. 

4. Enhance Natural Light 

Modern living is all about bringing the outside in. 

Not only is natural light flattering to the home’s interior, but it’s also beneficial to one’s mental health. In fact, research has found that natural light can significantly improve health conditions such as depression, seasonal affective disorder, and insomnia. 

So, what’s the best way to benefit from the great outdoors when you’re inside? 

Make a solid effort to consider the window designs within your home. In most cases, modern homes incorporate oversized windows that allow natural sunlight to penetrate the home. 

When selecting your window design, be sure to opt for larger expanses of glass. This will create a window wall and give the illusion of being in the great outdoors. After all, one defining principle of a modern home is the ability to feel connected to nature at all times. 

5. Incorporate Natural and Industrial Elements 

When it comes to modern design, it’s helpful to remind yourself that this type of design celebrates the natural world. 

While many traditional homes favour elements such as vinyl siding and drywall, modern homes carefully forgo these elements. In their place are natural and industrial elements that, instead, aim to keep the overall design as simple and organic as possible. 

With this, opt for natural materials such as wood and cork. Not only are these eco-friendly, but they’re also aesthetically pleasing. You can also look to incorporate more industrial materials such as concrete, piping, and recycled glass. 

6. Keep It Simple 

At the end of the day, embracing modern living is all about keeping it simple. For every modern design enthusiast, the goal is to eliminate any evidence of busyness from the home. 

To do this, you’re going to want to ensure that you’re choosing your furnishings very carefully. Be sure to opt for design elements that are eternally uncomplicated and straightforward. The goal is to furnish your home with items that incorporate simple lines and clean details. 

When it comes to designing the home, aim to keep your design as unembellished as possible. For many homeowners, this means eliminating excessive decors such as trim, moldings, and baseboards from the home. Instead, work towards celebrating the art of clean lines and simplicity. 

The Art of Creating a Modernist Home 

When it comes to designing and furnishing a home, it’s only natural to believe that more is better.  

However, if there’s one thing can a modernist home can teach us, it’s that less is more. In celebrating the art of less, homeowners are better able to enjoy the furnishings and design aesthetics within their homes. 

So, how can you learn to create a happy and design-forward modernist home? 

From celebrating clean lines and primary colours to enhancing natural light and opting for organic elements such as wood, anyone and everyone can learn how to create a modernist home. Be sure to use on guide above to further inspire your modern home designs! 

Do you need help with the modern furnishings department? If so, be sure to check out our website today! 

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