Modern interiors have reigned supreme on the glossy pages of magazines and curated social media feeds. Sleek lines, clean designs, and interesting features all draw people to the modern aesthetic.While these rooms look designer, achieving the style is much easier than you think. Modern furniture can fit into any home because the modern aesthetic blends well with other styles.

Combine any style with modern to create a unique look for your space. Here are some modern furniture ideas that will freshen up your space.

Something Colourful

One of the misconceptions about the modern aesthetic is that it uses no colour. White interiors with accents of grey and black are not the only way to express a modern design. In recent years, adding colour along with the clean, modern look is trending.

Everything from pops of colours to rooms full of hues can still boast a modern aesthetic. You can add colour with little touches throughout the rooms like in art, area rugs, or an accent piece of furniture. Or go bold with colour in every piece.

To choose colourful modern furniture, pick out pieces with clean lines and interesting shapes. Then choose the colour in your desired pallet. Lush jewel tones and muted earth-inspired colours are trendy ways to incorporate colour into your space.

Metallic Pieces

Metallic accents go well in all modern designs. Not only do they add some colour, but they also provide an interesting texture that breaks up matte colours. Treat metallic pieces like accents that add a pop to the room.

You can incorporate metallics in a variety of ways. Smaller accents little decorative objects and hardware that will stand out in a subtle way. Or you can go bold with large metallic accents like mirrors, coffee tables, and lighting.

Metallics are a great way to add interest and personality. Complement your colour palettes with silvers, golds, rose quartz, and coppers.

Stylish Storage

Cabinets, chests, and credenzas; whatever you call them, you should incorporate stylish storage options into your space. Storage is important because not only does it add a unique design feature, but it keeps the rest of your room looking spotless.

Use the storage another way to bring out your modern design plan. Keep the clutter out of sight and the rest of the room looking show worthy. The top surface of your storage is a great place to display accents, table lamps, and decorative objects.

Storage is important in every room of your home. So feature a stylish storage piece everywhere you can.

Cosy Accents

These accents are what makes a home feel lived in. They’re the difference between a showroom and an actual home. Cosy accents are pillows, blankets, and area rugs add texture and personality to the room.

In a living room, you’ll want to add cushions and pillows and throw blankets to make the space feel warm and inviting. Decorating your sofa with these accents not only add a design detail but also keeps them close when you want to cuddle.

You definitely want your bedroom to feel cosy so winding down from your day is easier. Think lush bedding like cotton sheets, soft wool blankets, and an abundance of pillows. To keep the modern aesthetic, try playing with trendy colours and interesting shapes.

Bold Sofa

One of the most popular design details in recent years is bold sofas in vibrant pops of colour. Lush greens, jewel-tone blues, and pale pinks are three colours that have reigned supreme in many lounges.

The best way to get the most out of these bold colours is to allow it to stand out and be the focal point of the room. These coloured sofas shine best when they’re the brightest item in the room. This means making everything else a little more toned down.

Bold sofas are fun and a great way to bring colour into a modern design. Just be sure to stick to an overall colour scheme, so the sofa doesn’t feel out of place.

Mood Lighting

Lighting is never something you should overlook or leave to the last minute. It is just as important as the rest of the design as it can set the mood of the space. What’s the point of having a low key romantic night if your lighting doesn’t convey that?

In order to portray different moods, you should have a couple of options for lighting in the room. A good place to start is having a table lamp, a floor lamp, and an overhead light. This allows you to mix and match, creating the perfect lighting for your space.

Chandeliers and lamps are another great way to bring modern style into the room. For a modern look, find designs with clean lines, different angles, and interesting shades.

Statement Legs

It may not be something you focus on for long, but choosing a coffee table with statement legs can make a big difference in the room. If you like to mix the modern aesthetic with other styles, a coffee table is a great place to feature that combination.

You can go modern and nature-inspired by bringing in natural wood tones. Or modern with a bit of glam by utilizing metallics. Or go classic modern with simple, chic lines.

Finding the right coffee table can be a challenge because it should complement the other furniture in the room. But just because it’s meant to be an accent, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have design features that make it stand out.

Modern Furniture You’ll Love

Your home can look like the magazines by choosing a few modern pieces to freshen up your space. Implement these design ideas when choosing modern furniture, and you’ll see a near-instant transformation.

By choosing a few key pieces, your home will look professionally designed. And because modern furniture can complement any style, your space will look personalized. Give your home the makeover it deserves with new modern furniture.

Ready for your own home transformation? We’ll help you find the trending furniture that’s perfect for your space.


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