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Finding the perfect sofa is life-changing. A sofa that is the perfect fit for your home and family will hold memories -good and bad- for years and years. From movie nights, nail-biting football games, living room forts, and don’t forget all the nights with dinner in front of the TV because you can’t be bothered to set the table. All hosted from the seat of your sofa; it’s inevitable that as the years go on, your sofa is going to age with you.

Typically, a quality fabric sofa lasts between 7-15 years, depending on how many muddy pawprints and slobbery fingers you have wandering around the house. However busy your household is, we’ve got a couple of tips to make sure your fabric sofa sticks around for as long as it can.

Here are our top 6 tips for keeping a fabric sofa clean.

1 Vacuuming

Vacuuming your sofa often gets overlooked. We vacuum carpets and floors to keep them tidy and the same principle applies to the fabric sofas.

It’s the exact reason so many vacuums have additional add-ons such as brush and crevice tools to remove debris for the sides of sofas. It’s essential to use these tools rather than the primary head as these can scratch and rub the fabric leading to tears, wears and other damage.

2 Cushioning

Blankets and cushions aren’t just for comfort; they are also great for protecting sofas. There are a few options for going about this, depending on your interior’s style and design. Try using contrasting blankets and cushions on your sofa can create a feature piece whilst protecting your sofa.

Alternatively, choosing similarly coloured blankets to your couch can allow you to tuck them in to protect the sofa’s cushions.

3 SlipCovers

A washable slipcover is excellent as it helps to keep your sofa clean and protected yet can be easily put on/removed for cleaning. These typically come in two separate forms, one made out of flexible fabric pieces that encase the base of the couch and cushions or one made out of thick material that can be placed over the seat and stays in place.

The former tends to be a lasting solution, whereas the latter is great for temporary usage for babysitting or kids-parties.

As slipcovers are removable, it’s easy to take them off when you have guests around. 

4 Positioning in the room

With fabric sofas, it is important to remember that they can often be very easily scuffed or damaged; therefore, positioning your sofa in the right place is crucial for keeping it clean and intact.

This includes keeping it away from doorways, which may scruff the sides and not placing furniture such as baskets or side tables too close that may also scruff when moved.

You should also remember that the sunlight can make sofa colouring fade in patches. It is important to invest in good blinds or curtains if the light can be too harsh in your location and save yourself having to reupholster your fabric sofa.

5 No Eating

One of the main causes of dirt and mess on your sofa is often caused by food, especially if it’s messy and greasy, and it’s these stains that tend to be the hardest to get rid of. Therefore, try to avoid this by eating at a dining room table, breakfast bar or coffee table, or put on your slipcover before you sit down to eat.

6 Get to stains quickly

Sometimes stains are inevitable, your sofa is most likely going to endure a few in its lifetime. The best tip we can give you is to get to stains as quickly as possible to remove and treat the sofa from permanent stains.

7 Ways to clean fabric sofa stains?

This is a loaded question because the way you should clean, and what you should use to clean a stain on a fabric sofa depends entirely on what type of fabric your sofa is made out of.

We suggest that you look at the tag of your sofa before deciding what to use to clean your sofa. Before you go at any stain with any liquid, make sure you have vacuumed the couch so that you are not rubbing in any extra dirt or debris.

If you’re still unsure of what your fabric your sofa is, the safest option is taking a teaspoon of washing-up liquid, white vinegar, baking soda and warm water and mix together into a lather (the mixture should froth up as the baking soda and vinegar react with one another). Then, apply directly to any stains or smudges that you can spot on your fabric sofa. Leave to dry out for around 10 minutes.

Keeping a sofa clean not gives it a longer life but can also improve you mood. Studies show a clean home can lead to a positive outlook, and it’s also important for you to enjoy your space to relax at the end of a long hard day.

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When renting or buying a smaller place than you’re used to, it is important to maximise your space through your interior design. We’ve outlined 6 simple tips for ensuring maximum space, or at least appearance, no matter the size of your home.

Painting Neutral Colours

Neutral colours in the home are great for giving the appearance of larger rooms. Painting a room white or even cream produces the illusion of a clean, larger space. It’s a tested method; estate agents often use white photographs to sell properties.

Maximising Light

Alongside neutral interiors, maximising natural light is important as it illuminates the interior and can further provide an illusion of a larger interior.

Create Rooms

Especially in an open-floor design, it is helpful to corner off space for specific purposes. Using furniture, including sofas, is excellent for achieving this; placing them in the middle of the room can separate living spaces with an office or dining room.

It is important for continual design throughout the areas using similar tones and themes with slight deviations. This differentiates the rooms whilst continuing to give the appearance of a large space.

Functional Storage

One of the main reasons you want to maximise your interior is the lack of space you’re experiencing. Opting for furniture with functional storage is an excellent way for reducing multiple pieces of bulk storage whilst still getting the design and function you want. A great way to achieve this is tall bookshelves; not only will these store books but can also hold baskets, trinkets, photos and plants.

Hanging Images

When you paint with a neutral theme, hanging wall decor is a great way to bring colour and the room’s overall theme together. Neutral paints can highlight both monochrome images or bold feature pictures.


It can be a slippery slope from designing a home with the intention of maximising space to becoming overly cluttered and the reverse effect happening; it becomes smaller and cramped. Our top advice to stop this from happening is to plan your interior and stick to the design; if you do stumble across pieces, it’s okay to incorporate them, providing they help in maximising the rooms.

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Last year, we all spent an unplanned, hideous amount of time at home staring at the same walls and décor. If you’re like us, you’re itching to repaint (and maybe even redecorate!) for a little change of scenery at home. Redecorate your home in true style, starting with some inspiration of colours soon to sweep the scene of 2021.

In 2020, we saw 7 top interior colours:

  • Champagne
  • Navy Blue
  • Golden Yellow
  • Olive Green
  • Dark Red
  • Charcoal
  • Mango

Moving into 2021, we’re predicting that there will only be slight shifts to these trends. Whilst we’ve grown slightly tired of the same interiors this year, we’ve been gaining inspiration from social platforms and had more time to plan our interiors than usual.


neutral interior colour scheme

A timeless colour for any home, neutral colours including Creams, Whites and Champagne will continue to soar for interior décor. With the brilliant ability to manipulate space, neutral colours make rooms look larger and cosy. It is also a great way to get artwork onto your walls whether they be abstract in colour or similarly neutral.

With neutral walls always being a high trend, this year we’re expecting the colour to be transitioning more into flooring, carpets and curtains.


grey interior colour scheme

Over the last few years, we’ve seen grey becoming a large staple in the home with small additions and trinkets being introduced. This year, we’re expecting this trend to increase, with grey walls, kitchens and sofas trending in both light and dark shades.

A very contemporary colour, the different shades mean walls and furniture can either be a strong and bold feature piece or a subtle addition to highlight your chosen feature. Working in tandem with a range of colour including blues, yellows, neutrals and black across a range of hues.


yellow interior colour scheme

Earlier this year, Pantone announced their colours of the year, grey and yellow. Their idea of the combination is to display messages of strength and hope, and the combination works great!

Now we’re coming out of winter we’re expecting to see a lot more of this combination, mainly yellow furniture, acting as bold feature pieces with blacks, greys, and tans highlighting them.


blue interior colour scheme

Across the spectrum, blue is a calming and soothing colour and this year we’re expecting to see great combinations of blues and neutrals in the home. Studies into colour have shown it to positively affect your health, including calming your mind and reducing anxiety. and whites are very much a seaside colour and can brighten up your interiors, so we’re expecting to see this year more and more rooms taking on this combination, including kitchens and bathrooms.

Earthy Greens

earthy green interior colour scheme

Greens have often been slightly controversial for interiors, especially bright greens. This year, however, we’re going to be seeing people gravitate towards earthy and familiar greens that provide comfort and familiarity.

These green hues go perfectly with deep navy blues and chocolate forest browns to create familiar and natural surroundings. A great way to compliment these colours is the introduction of fresh or artificial flowers.

Natural Colours

natural interior colour scheme

This year, we’re expecting to see people using a lot more natural colours in their home, especially for wooden flooring and tables for interior design. While in the last few years we have seen more contemporary styled tables, this year we’re predicting a rise in natural woods and tones for flooring and other wooden features.

Overall, this year’s colour themes and interiors will focus on familiarity and soothing tones, with people spending more time in their homes, interiors need to be calming and relaxing. Sharp and vibrant tones such as yellow, will act as feature pieces.

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Christmas is a time for giving. And while you’ll most likely be buying gifts for your nearest and dearest, it doesn’t hurt to treat yourself too! What better way to give a gift to yourself than with something wonderful for your home?

At Trending Furniture, we have some fantastic products for you in our Christmas home furniture sale. Take a look at our picks of the 10 best Christmas gift ideas for your home.

1. A cool coffee table

A coffee table ties a room together, ideal for storage, for resting your drink (or feet!). Our

DARYL Solid Wood Coffee Table is a beautiful wooden coffee table that will bring a touch of Scandinavian cool to your home.

2. A new sofa

A new sofa makes a great Christmas gift, just in time to enjoy watching some festive films and snuggling up during those cold winter evenings. Our 2-Seaters Sofa Ambient not only looks great, but it’s incredibly stylish too! There’s no better feeling than chilling out on a new sofa, especially at this time of year. Just what you need for relaxing with loved ones.

3. A statement table lamp

Set the mood in your home with the help of a statement table lamp, ideal to give as a gift to yourself or your partner. The Mayfair Table Lamp has a stand-out design that can make it a statement piece in your home.

4. A chic console table

When you walk into your home, a chich console table can be a welcoming sight. You can decorate your console table however you wish, and our Console Table with Flower Pot Senso is an elegant design that will be sure to make an impression on whoever comes through your door.

5. A fun floor light

Floor lights are perfect for adding a bit of ambience in your home, as well as being useful for reading. We love the Macaron Floor Lamp to bring a fun and fashionable touch to your space, perfect for your living room, bedroom or your hallway. Floor lights are easy to move around, so you can put yours wherever you need some extra light.

6. The perfect TV stand

While all eyes are usually on the TV, an attractive TV stand can also make an impression in your home. The Lowbo S TV Stand is stylish with beautiful metallic details that make it the perfect addition to your living room. Maybe all eyes will end up on the TV stand instead!

7. A stunning dining bench

When you need some flexibility with your dining space, a bench is a must! A bench can be moved easily to bring you extra seating in your living space as needed, while also giving you a more casual seating for your dining table. The Naïve Bench L1400 is simple but stunning, providing a subtle pop of colour for your dining room.

8. A must-have armchair

A cosy armchair is a must for any home. As a comfy place to sit, watch TV or read, you can be sure you’ll get a lot of use from your armchair. Our top pick this Christmas is the Armchair Geometry By Tom, a wonderfully-designed product that will look great in your home.

9. Your ideal desk

Is a desk on your wishlist this Christmas? Why not invest in the Runo 3 Desk? Its beautiful mix of greens and wood tones make it ideal for many decor styles, and can be used as either a desk or a dressing table, depending on your preference. Get yourself the perfect desk for your home office or bedroom.

10. A sleek velvet pouffe

Want to treat yourself to something extra special this Christmas? One of our top Christmas home furniture sale items is our Button Tufted Velvet Pouffe. Super soft to touch and available in a range of colours, it’s a great choice for any living room. For a bit of luxury this winter season, it’ll make the perfect gift to yourself this Christmas.

There are a lot of fantastic Christmas home furniture sale items you can buy for your home that would be an excellent Christmas gift. A long-lasting gift that will become a treasured part of your home, it’s the perfect way to treat yourself after what’s been a difficult year.

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It won’t be long until Christmas is here, but for most of us, things are going to look a little different this year. With a lot of us staying at home, it’s the perfect excuse to treat your home. It’s been a tough year, so both you and your home deserve it!

If you’re looking to treat yourself or your partner this Christmas, take a look at our ‘stay at home’ gift ideas, the perfect wishlist to give to Santa this Christmas.

Naïve Sofa 3 Seater(usually £2,668.37, currently £2,601.99)

If a festive season snuggled up on the sofa is on the cards this year, you’re going to need a comfy sofa! The Naïve sofa is not only incredibly comfortable, but it looks great too. It’s a three-seater sofa, so plenty of space for settling down to watch some Christmas films and TV specials. A new sofa can transform your space, so why not end the year with a new purchase for your living room?

Silver Plated Marble Glass Dining Table (£794.00)

We all know that Christmas dinner is one of the highlights of the festive period, so why not celebrate with a new dining table? Our Silver Plated Marble Glass Dining Table is a luxurious piece that will complement a range of decor. With enough space for the whole family, it’s the perfect place to gather this year.

“My Writing” Desk with 2 Drawers(£1,332.75 – £1,554.42)

Desks have been a bestseller this year, with more and more people working from home during the pandemic. So if you’re going to be working from home for the long-term, why not do it in style? Designed to make the most of your available space, there is room for storage and to keep your wires and cables hidden for a neat and organised workspace. Sleek, minimal but extremely functional, this is the perfect desk for your home.

Accent Armchair Bee(£507.94)

An accent chair makes a great addition to any living room or bedroom. Our Accent Armchair Bee is bold and bright, the perfect way to add a pop of colour to your space. There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book and hot chocolate during the winter months, so a comfortable armchair makes the perfect gift to enjoy a bit of relaxation this Christmas.

Apex 2 Cabinet(£1276.06)

Ready to show off your perfect #Shelfie this Christmas? Our Apex 2 Cabinet is a must-have for bringing some decor and style into your space. With plenty of storage and space to store your favourite ornaments too, it will soon become a personal, much-loved part of your interior.

Atara 1 TV Stand and Cabinet(£945.60)

A TV stand doesn’t just have to be a place to store your TV, it can be a beautiful piece of furniture for your living room too. The Atara stand has a subtle geometric shape that makes it a cool, modern TV stand for your living space. Perfect for watching those Christmas specials and for some cosy nights in.

Black Marble Side Table(£178)

Don’t want to have to keep getting up to top up your wine glass or reach for the sweet jar this Christmas? A side table is the answer! Our Black Marble Side Table would be a great addition to any home – ideal for resting drinks and snacks or for displaying your favourite home accessories. Sleek and stylish, it’s perfect for bringing a bit of luxury to your space.

Pouf with Buttons (£495)

A glamorous pouf can be a statement piece in your living room, bedroom or dressing room, providing the perfect place to sit, rest your feet, or even place a decorative tray table. Luxurious but practical at the same time, it would make the ideal gift for yourself and your home this Christmas.

Side Table Leslei(£668)

Perfectly sized as a side table, or a console table, Leslei side table will add a touch of sophistication to your home. With two shelves, it has plenty of storage to help you create a fantastic display in your entrance hall. A great place to display your Christmas cards, wouldn’t you say? 

Sheepskin Cushion (£64 – £128)

A great gift or the perfect accessory for your home, it doesn’t get more fabulous than a sheepskin cushion. Soft and stylish, and available in several colours, it could provide an extra special touch to your home, or a loved one.

Hanging Lamp Marlo Plus(£121.08)

A statement light fitting can really transform a room. The perfect accompaniment to your dining table, the Marlo Hanging Lamp is a product that won’t disappoint. Beautifully crafted with a wooden beam and three pendant lights, it’s perfect for Christmas and beyond. A great gift to give yourself, it will bring you joy whenever you look at it.

ZZZIP Bunk Bed (£1,712.93)

A fun but stylish kid’s bed, the ZZZIP Bunk Bed could make a great Christmas gift. Space, saving while also featuring some built-in storage, it’s a fantastic bed that kids will love. Easy to put together, you can have it ready for them in no time, ready for a visit from Santa! We have more fantastic items in our Christmas furniture sale.

Modular Shelf Onda Small(£440.35)

You can’t beat a statement shelf to make a statement in a room. The Modular Shelf Onda is a gorgeous shelf that is made from oak wood, making it suitable for all kinds of decor styles. Used in the kitchen to save some counter space or with some stylish accessories in the living room, the Onda is a stunning gift that will make an impression.

We have a wide range of items that will make the ideal stay at home gift this year. Take a look at the full range in our Christmas furniture sale and find the perfect presents for Christmas.

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If you’re like most people, then you’re looking for any excuse not to get out of the house during a weekend or weeknight. The only problem is that when your home lacks expression, you’ll find any excuse to escape the bland layout of your property.

The secret is in the home decor. If you cater your decor to your ideal home style, then you’ll never want to leave your perfect paradise. Using some trendy home decor can help you capture that.

See below for an in-depth guide on home decor must-haves that will make you never want to leave the house.

1. Mix up Your Pillows

Who said that your couch pillows and bed pillows all have to match the colour of the object they’re set atop of? One of the trendiest things in all of the home decor right now is to combine different aesthetics for all of your pillows.

For example, if you have grey furniture in your living room and are going for neutral colours only, then you can shop for white, black, and grey pillows to use.

Not only are the colours allowed to be different, but you should try to shop for different patterns to incorporate as well. Using the same example, finding white pillows with grey polka dots or grey pillows with black lines will make your space look more spontaneous.

It shows everyone that steps into the room that you’re up for whatever the night calls for. Your living room can be a place to watch the big sports game, throw a party, or cuddle up to watch a rom-com.

2. Choose a New Coffee Table

Unless you’ve been given a coffee table that’s reached “family heirloom” status or was hand-made for you by a loved one, they can always be replaced. In fact, switching up your coffee table can create an entirely new vibe for the living room.

If you’re looking for more places to set things in your living room, then you might consider a black marble side table that pairs nicely with the centre coffee table.

For those of you looking to switch things up from the typical wooden coffee table, consider shopping around for a geometric gold-plated coffee table for a modern look.

Many experts encourage homeowners to view their coffee table as the “centrepiece of the floor layout”. This means that the coffee table you choose has a direct correlation to the feel of the entire room.

Think through what vibe you’re hoping for your living room, then find a coffee table design that matches those same principals.  You can find the 7 best coffee table presentations you have to try here

3. Capitalise on Wall Space

Some of you enjoy using the walls of your home to flood them with pictures, paintings, macrame, and so forth. Others of you want to leave them as blank as possible to avoid overcrowding the room with details.

Truth be told, there’s a balance that needs to be struck between the two. The key is to distribute wall objects of different sizes to maximise the space without overcrowding it.

For example, if you use the same 8 x 10 picture frame for every photo you hang on your bedroom walls, it will look too uniform and bland. Try mixing things up to create a more exciting aesthetic.

Consider switching up the items as well. For instance, you can hang a rug on your kitchen wall near the dining table to cover blank wall space. Then, you can distribute smaller photos throughout the walls of your kitchen to capture the precious moments.

You might also consider creating an accent wall in your living room and filling it with photos and portraits, leaving the other walls completely void.

4. Find a Unique Armchair

Most of you reading this are looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. You might be sick of looking at the uniformity of your home’s colour scheme and want to find a way to break away from it.

Perhaps you have a corner of your living room or bedroom that looks like it’s missing something. If so, then you should consider finding a unique armchair to fill the space.

Every room needs a rebellious piece of furniture. Perhaps it can be used as a reading chair near your bookshelf. Maybe it will serve as the “throne” of your living room.

Don’t be afraid to break away from the normalcy. Search through different armchair designs to find the one that you desire.

5. Find Trendy Floor Lamps

Maybe you’re wanting to stay on-theme with your colour scheme but want a very subtle way of adding some flair to the home.

home decor

If so, then you might consider finding a few different floor lamps that you can incorporate into your property. You could mix it up on the lamp design from room to room or choose one type of floor lamp for each room in the house to create uniformity.

A unique floor lamp can also establish separation in your house. For example, you could set one in the corner of your office to establish a reading corner.

Find Your Own Mix of Home Decor

Now that you’ve seen a few pointers to get yourself started, you must mix in your own flair and flavour into the home decor you add to your home.

Be sure to read this article for more information on the most popular ceiling lights to buy right now. There you’ll learn about the role that lighting fixtures play in your grand home decor layout.

For more inquiries, please feel free to reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further.

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