Are you looking to create a modernist home but have no idea where to start? 

From a design perspective, it’s easy to fall in love with today’s most stunning modernist homes. In incorporating smooth lines and minimal furnishings, modernist homes tend to look peaceful and fashion-forward. 

So, how can you strive toward a modernist design within your own home? 

It’s all about understanding what a modernist home truly is and how you can incorporate modern design principals into your life. To help, we’re sharing six tips on how to create a more modernist home. 

1. Create an Open Floor Plan 

One of the most singular defining aspects of a modern home is a simple and open floorplan. 

Let’s consider the fact that modern design is all about creating balance within the home. With an open floor plan, the goal is for each section of the home to smoothly transition to the next.

Not only does this create a balanced aesthetic, but it also helps to foster a more simple floorplan. Remember, the art of modernism is all about practicing and enhancing simplicity. 

2. Embrace Pops of Primary Colours 

One of the most significant mistakes that homeowners make in creating a modern aesthetic is failing to introduce colour. 

Of course, many modernists opt for neutral colour palettes to create a balanced and simple aesthetic throughout the home. While this does serve a purpose, it’s also important to introduce bold pops of colour throughout the home. 

For some, this may be creating an accent wall in a bold and bright shade of orange. For others, this may come in the form of hanging art that incorporates a series of primary colours. You can also opt for furnishings that combine a neutral colour scheme with bold pops of colour. 

However you may choose to do it, bold pops of colour within a primarily neutral home will always help to achieve that desired modern aesthetic. 

3. Free Yourself from Clutter 

What’s a modern home that is entangled in clutter? 

If you’re serious about creating a modern home, you’re going to have to eliminate all clutter and excess furnishings from your home. This is because creating a modern home is all about embracing the “less is more” attitude in life.

In freeing your home of clutter, you’re also doing your mental health a significant favour. It’s understandable that a cluttered home can lead to a cluttered mind. But, research has found that a cluttered home can actually increase cognitive overload. As a result, functions such as our working memory and our ability to focus are minimized. 

When you commit to a clutter-free lifestyle, you’re going to realize that having more stuff doesn’t make you happier. Instead, the furnishings that you choose to invest your money in will serve a greater purpose. 

In modern design, everything that is placed within the home will serve a function. While some elements of the home will serve a simple aesthetic purpose, the majority of items within a modern home are functional. 

To help minimize your clutter, be sure to invest in pleasing storage solutions and built-ins. This will help to ensure that you have everything you need in the home. However, these items will be hidden from the naked eye. 

4. Enhance Natural Light 

Modern living is all about bringing the outside in. 

Not only is natural light flattering to the home’s interior, but it’s also beneficial to one’s mental health. In fact, research has found that natural light can significantly improve health conditions such as depression, seasonal affective disorder, and insomnia. 

So, what’s the best way to benefit from the great outdoors when you’re inside? 

Make a solid effort to consider the window designs within your home. In most cases, modern homes incorporate oversized windows that allow natural sunlight to penetrate the home. 

When selecting your window design, be sure to opt for larger expanses of glass. This will create a window wall and give the illusion of being in the great outdoors. After all, one defining principle of a modern home is the ability to feel connected to nature at all times. 

5. Incorporate Natural and Industrial Elements 

When it comes to modern design, it’s helpful to remind yourself that this type of design celebrates the natural world. 

While many traditional homes favour elements such as vinyl siding and drywall, modern homes carefully forgo these elements. In their place are natural and industrial elements that, instead, aim to keep the overall design as simple and organic as possible. 

With this, opt for natural materials such as wood and cork. Not only are these eco-friendly, but they’re also aesthetically pleasing. You can also look to incorporate more industrial materials such as concrete, piping, and recycled glass. 

6. Keep It Simple 

At the end of the day, embracing modern living is all about keeping it simple. For every modern design enthusiast, the goal is to eliminate any evidence of busyness from the home. 

To do this, you’re going to want to ensure that you’re choosing your furnishings very carefully. Be sure to opt for design elements that are eternally uncomplicated and straightforward. The goal is to furnish your home with items that incorporate simple lines and clean details. 

When it comes to designing the home, aim to keep your design as unembellished as possible. For many homeowners, this means eliminating excessive decors such as trim, moldings, and baseboards from the home. Instead, work towards celebrating the art of clean lines and simplicity. 

The Art of Creating a Modernist Home 

When it comes to designing and furnishing a home, it’s only natural to believe that more is better.  

However, if there’s one thing can a modernist home can teach us, it’s that less is more. In celebrating the art of less, homeowners are better able to enjoy the furnishings and design aesthetics within their homes. 

So, how can you learn to create a happy and design-forward modernist home? 

From celebrating clean lines and primary colours to enhancing natural light and opting for organic elements such as wood, anyone and everyone can learn how to create a modernist home. Be sure to use on guide above to further inspire your modern home designs! 

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