Since the cost of moving is high, many in the UK are choosing to update their current home instead of moving. You might be asking yourself, how can you update your home for a new look?

In this article, we’ll dive into some of the best dining room layout ideas to maximize your space. Sit back, recline, and read on as you’ll explore how to make a comfortable, spacious, and fashionable dining room area.

1. Inviting Dining Room

If you’re one who likes more of a traditional look and are tight on space, then this layout will work well. You’ll have your table, chairs, and storage area.

This minimal layout will create an open and modern feel. Use a mixture of finishes and materials to make it your own.

For example, you can combine a grey and black rug with grey chairs and a white table. Your storage space can be wood for a mix of colours in the space.

Ensure that you have plenty of lighting with this space. Incorporate table lamps and overhead lighting. Whether you’re looking to help the kids with homework or have a dinner party, this space is multi-functional.

This layout is great for those with children. Choose darker colour fabrics if you have younger children who are more likely to spill items.

2. Elegant Dining Room

Do your hallway and dining room meet? Consider maximizing the space by having a long rug horizontally, wood shelving, and then tan/grey seating. Consider shelves on the walls to make use of the space.

Have a tan carpet that goes over the wood falling. For a modern backdrop, consider a fireplace wall.

3. Maximized Windows

Consider floor to ceiling windows for your elegant dining room. If you have a home near the coast, consider a cottage style feel.

Have a wooden table and chairs for the dining room. Instead of a square or rectangular table, consider a round option for smaller spaces.

4. Classic Dining Room

Older homes tend to have lower ceilings which can make your dining room feel smaller and cramped. Instead, consider pushing up the ceiling’s height and have the doors and windows that are higher as well.

Even if you and your partner like different styles, you can incorporate them together in this look. Choose custom rugs, Italian antiques, hand-painted wallcoverings, and silk scarves. Don’t be afraid to choose plum accents with marble flooring.

5. Passing Through Dining Area

This is ideal for living and dining room combinations. First, pick a round dining room table in a large open area of the room. Ensure that the chairs you choose aren’t touching each other.

If the space is large enough, you can place a couch off to one side. For the rug underneath the table, choose a round rug to blend with it.

Table Shape Tips

When you go to choose a dining room table, keep your dining area’s space in mind, along with how many will use it. For example, will you be entertaining often and need plenty of space?

You’ll want a long rectangular table. Or consider a table with a leaf where it extends out further.

Where To Place My Table?

You don’t want your table in the way of traffic flowing in and out. Measure the area and ensure that there’s plenty of space between the walls and table. Consider placing a table underneath a light fixture, in front of a wall, etc.


Adding a rug will increase the design and layout of the area. If you have children or pets you might want to choose an easy-to-clean option. Choose a patterned rug that’ll hide any stains or crumbs.

Ensure that the rug is long enough so that the chairs don’t catch when they’re pulled back. If you use a leaf, measure the table and rug when the table is at its longest.

Dining Room Trends

Bringing in the new year comes new fashion such as fancy chandeliers. This will give your dining room space a luxurious and sophisticated style. You can choose from various materials such as glass, wood, steel, metal, etc.

Modern Design

You can combine modern with luxury for the newest fashion statement. Choose accent elements such as metal and round light fixtures. You can also choose eye-catching textiles or gold metal.

Use of Colours

Keep in mind that the colours you choose for your dining area will determine the mood of it. If you’re looking for fresh designs, choose a brighter colour than the standard neutral options.

Try out bold colours with different textures. You can make bold contrasts by using fabrics and colours together that are unique. For example, earthy tones with purples.

Decorate Your Walls

Don’t forget to decorate the walls of your dining room area. Choose wall art pieces that define you and your family. Choose pieces that either have a design aspect, or that remind you of fond memories such as travel.

Avoid Distractions

Since you’ll want to encourage conversations in your dining room, ensure that it’s a private space that won’t be too noisy. Choose a space that’s intimate, but has enough room for everyone.

Exploring Different Dining Room Layout Ideas

Now that you’ve explored these dining room layout ideas, you should have a better idea of what to incorporate in your dining area. Are you ready to check out the top trending furniture in the UK area for various rooms in your home? Check out our different items today and enjoy free delivery on everything!